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Worldwide** coverage of all instruments by musicians for musicians

Harmonia looks back on 30 years of experience, exclusively in the brokerage of instrument insurance and offers Europe's most favourable* cover for musical instruments. All insured instruments are covered worldwide and around the clock against damage or loss of all kinds.

Insured worldwide



  • Special conditions for orchestras, ensembles or high-quality instruments

  • Reduction in value automatically fully insured for stringed instruments and bows from € 10,000

  • Coverage of expenses for rental instruments possible

  • Insurance also possible overnight in the vehicle

Excellent, free group service

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  • No excess

  • Immediate termination option for individual instruments after 12 months minimum insurance period, without giving reasons

  • Termination without notice possible after 12 months minimum contract term in case of risk lapse

  • Cover for changing stocks and contents insurance

New value insurance at no extra charge



  • Free choice of raparature

  • Short-term insurance (for concerts, projects, transport etc.)

  • Fast insurance cover possible from the date of the fax or postmark

  • Premium for recommendation

Our all risks cover

What risks are your instruments insured against? All the instruments you insure through Harmonia are covered against all possible risks everywhere and at all times - so the list would be endless.  Here are just the highlights.

Our short-term insurance

In addition to the permanent insurance of your instruments, we also offer you the possibility to insure yourself for a short period of time with the same scope of benefits. Short-term insurance is often popular for concerts, transport or projects, among other things.

Practical: A short-term insurance does not have to be cancelled. It ends automatically at the end of the desired insurance period.

You can insure through us:

All kinds of musical instruments, accessories, PA systems, electrical and electronic equipment via cables, up to smartphones or PCs.

In short: all objects that are used for musical purposes!

Permanent insurance application

For insurance cover of at least 12 months

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Download Application Permanent

Insurance application short term

For insurance cover over short periods of time

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Download application short term

Annex new notifications

You will need this list in addition if you want to insure more than four items

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Download Excel list 'Attachment New Notifications'