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Documents for the insurance of musical instruments

To insure your instruments, equipment, etc. through Harmonia,

please send us a completed and signed application by e-mail, fax or post.

The following information is mandatory for instruments and equipment:

  1. Instrument,
  2. New price / replacement value.

Other information is optional. So don't worry if you don't know the year of manufacture, for example.

After receipt of the application, we will send you a corresponding policy by e-mail. Please note that your instruments are also covered retroactively from the date of application and can therefore be insured at very short notice.

If you need help filling it out, feel free to call us!

Versicherung Antrag

Application Permanent

Application short term

IThe following documents are already included in the insurance application:


For the insurance of more than 4 instruments/items, please use the following file for space reasons and send it to us by e-mail in addition to the insurance application:


Further information on our insurance services and conditions: