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Premium calculator

Our contributions are determined in a straightforward manner to suit your requirements!

Find out at any time what your annual contribution will be. You can create a cent-precise offer with just a few clicks. Personal details are not required!

Actuarially, the following categories apply to the listed instruments:

-Saxophone: ‚Brass Instruments‘

Category 'historical keyboard instruments' applies to weight classes from * to 50kg.


Choice of insurance tax at your place of residence

For the calculation of the gross premium.

You would like to accept our offer and apply for instrument insurance?

Then you can get our insurance application here.

Notes on the calculation of contributions

How to calculate your premium quickly:

- You need the insurance value of your instruments (new value / replacement value).

- Add up the values of all instruments per category. Enter this total sum.

- Select category and calculate contribution.

- Optionally, you can also choose our additional services (e.g. night time, rehearsal room).


You will receive your contribution, depending on the period you choose:

Permanent: The annual contribution to be paid.

Short-term: The contribution, for the period you have chosen.

We will also be happy to advise you personally on our contributions and conditions.